Fairview’s First-Ever Musical Concert Raises Funds for SJKC Siputeh

By Mei Kuan

Fairview Group of International Schools, in collaboration with Dominus Arts Venue, held their first-ever musical concert recently at the Fairview Ipoh campus featuring award-winning Thai pianist, Dr Poom Prommachart and others.

Held in strict adherence to the health and safety standard operating procedures, the evening was aimed to raise funds for SJKC Siputeh via free-will contribution.

Lew Yin Yin, Principal of SJKC Siputeh expressed her utmost gratitude to Fairview International Group, the performing artists and everyone present.

“A two-hour torrential rain is enough to drown out the hopes and prospects of the school, and such a threat is always there for this 94-year-old Chinese primary school. These long years and frequent floods have brought plenty of damage to our school such as affecting old buildings, causing muddy fields, equipment loss and others,” she shared.

According to Lew, SJKC Siputeh has undergone tremendous transformations in the past four years: “From a small school with almost nothing to becoming a model school and national champion. From only 17 local students to 38 students with some from other states.”

“However, our school compound is very small, thus many activities are restricted. Our school has a vacant lot but it is usually wet, especially in the rainy season, as it is more low-lying than surrounding ground. We hope that this wasted space can be cement laid and roofed for the children as a safe space for activities,” she explained.

Present were Professor R. Gopinathan, Principal of Fairview Ipoh and Daniel Chian, Chairman of Fairview.

Dr Poom Prommachart who was visiting Ipoh for the first time performed four pieces, namely Gershwin’s The Man I Love, Embraceable You, Schumann-Liszt’s Widmung and Liszt’s La Campanella, touted as one of the most technically challenging piano pieces.

Dr Poom, who is also a distinguished faculty member of University College Fairview in Kuala Lumpur, cited his love for music as his biggest motivation to keep doing what he is doing.

Here’s some advice from the Steinway artist for aspiring pianists: “To be very humble, keep on studying music, practise very hard, do not aim for the prize and always hope for the best.”

Other guest musicians included Scarlet Gouk (saxophone), Woon Sze Ting (French horn) and Kok Kee Boon (piano).

The meaningful event also saw the presentation of a mock cheque of RM20,000 and an additional sum of RM5,000 to SJKC Siputeh. Anyone who would like to contribute can contact the Principal of SJKC Siputeh at 019 5584077 or Fairview Ipoh at 05 3136888.



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