State Budget 2022 Features Five Foci for the Wellbeing of State and People

The state government today tabled the State Budget 2022 with a deficit of RM50 million. Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Saarani Mohamad said the budget is estimated at RM1.1 billion with RM803 million for management cost and RM302 million for development. 

According to him, the budget is drafted based on projected revenue and development receipts of RM1.06 billion. 

“Management cost is made up of emolument (RM390.2 million), service and supply (RM296.3 million), asset purchase (RM7.2 million), fixed payments (RM102.7 million) and other expenditures (RM6.6 million). 

“To strengthen strategies of state economic revival, an additional development fund via Kumpulan Wang Amanah totalling RM47 million has been allocated,” he said when tabling the Budget 2022 at the state assembly sitting today.

Running on the theme, “Perak a Resilient, Sustainable and Inclusive State”, the state government has set five main foci to strengthen the state’s financial position in the unpredictable pandemic situation.

The five foci are regeneration of the economy and empowerment of the people’s self-sufficiency; preserving the wellbeing of the people; strengthening of human capital and social development; strengthening governance and digitalisation; and conservation of environmental treasures.

Saarani added that the state budget is also carried by the financial commitment of government-linked companies (GLCs) to be involved in people’s wellbeing programmes including those in the fields of education, agriculture and entrepreneurship.

The Menteri Besar also announced the Special Financial Aid of RM1,000 to civil servants of the state to be paid beginning January 2022. 

The allocation is a form of appreciation to the civil servants for their loyal service to the state government and the people. 


Rosli Mansor


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