MPT Refutes Statement Claiming ZTNS’s Non-compliance with SOP

The Yang Di Pertua of Taiping Municipal Council (MPT), Khairul Amir Mohamad Zubir informed that his party has allocated visiting procedures for Taiping Zoo & Night Safari (ZTNS) to curb COVID-19 effectively.

He refuted the news published by Utusan Malaysia on February 11, 2022 reporting on the failure of ZTNS in abiding by the standard operating procedures (SOPs) set by the government. 

“The approximate total number of visitors allowed at ZTNS at any one time is 50% out of the total, which is 3,750 visitors with a social distancing of 1 metre. Every visitor has the chance to visit ZTNS for around 2 to 3 hours. 

“The route length within ZTNS is 2.5km, making the total number of visitors that can be in the zoo at any one time to be 7,500 (according to length and width of route).

“Thus, it is estimated that a total of 1,250 visitors (maximum) are permitted to enter ZTNS in the duration of an hour. The ZTNS counter will stop the sale of tickets for a while if the number of visitors reaches 1,250 within the duration of one hour,” he said in a recent media statement. 

He also stressed that the council will review the improvements that can be carried out at several main locations such as the tram waiting area, screening counter and ticket counter during peak periods to avoid congestion.

“To further ease management, MPT has increased the number of enforcement personnel to help in SOP control. MPT also appeals for cooperation from visitors in abiding by social distancing while at ZTNS,” he added.


Rosli Mansor



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