Practise the Use of Rubbish Bins 

A total of 580 rubbish bins (120 litre) were distributed free of charge at Taman Chepor Indah in conjunction with a programme promoting the habit of using the bins yesterday.

MBI Council Member for Zone 3, Mohammad Sharif said the habit of using the rubbish bins need to be instilled among city folks to increase environmental quality as envisioned by the Ipoh City Council (MBI).

“The habit of hanging trash on tree branches and fences needs to be stopped as it pollutes the view besides making rubbish collection works difficult for the local authorities (PBT). 

“The allocation of cleanliness infrastructure by MBI alone is not enough if the residents do not participate in the matter of rubbish management which begins at home.

“MBI wishes to educate Ipohites towards the culture of caring for the environment as a collective responsibility by making Zone 3 as an example.

“Through this programme, it is hoped that the residents of the area involved can practise the cleanliness habits early beginning from home,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Previously, a total of 12,849 rubbish bins were distributed by MBI at Bandar Baru Putra, Desa Pakatan, Bandar Baru Menglembu, Taman Buntong Ria, Taman Bersatu, Simpang Pulai, Taman Kelebang Jaya, Meru, Manjoi and Kampung Baru Tanah Hitam since July 2021. 

The remaining of about 100,000 rubbish bins will be distributed in phases at other residential areas in a period of five years. 

Mohammad Sharif added that the rubbish bin needs to be placed at the front of the house in the morning according to the set rubbish collection schedule. 

“The waste also needs to be placed in a suitable plastic bag to be collected and disposed of,” he said. 


Rosli Mansor


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