Two Drowned While Swimming at Lata Berangkai Waterfall

A picnic into a tragedy when two friends drowned while swimming at the area of Lata Berangkai waterfall this morning. 

Both victims, who hailed from Sabak Bernam, were with two other friends as they went for recreation at the waterfall area.

A spokesperson of the state fire and rescue department informed that the department received an emergency call regarding the incident at 10.34am.

According to the spokesperson, a team of personnel together with machinery was dispatched from the Kampar Fire and Rescue Station to the location of the incident.

“The victims were believed to have drowned while swimming and one of them was brought to the shore by members of the public.

“The second victim was found by the fire and rescue team at 11.22am at a depth of 3 metres from the location where he was believed to have drowned.

The identity of both victims of 20 years old were confirmed to be Muhammad Fikri Adam Azmi and Muhammad Amirul Hafidz Ma’asor.

Examination by the health officers later confirmed that both victims had passed away. They were then handed over to the police for further action.

The operation led by Senior Fire Officer II Zahuri Zainal Abidin ended fully at 11.33am.


Rosli Mansor


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