Wild Elephant Intrudes into Military Camp at Banding 

Video recordings of an elephant destroying equipment at a military camp believed to be located at Sri Banding Camp, Gerik went viral on social media recently.

Although it is uncertain as to when the incident occurred, it is believed that the videos are not old ones based on the pattern of the uniform worn by the army personnel in the video.

The recordings show the animal destroying several pieces of equipment from the outside of a window.

The videos of 2.50 minutes and 1.11 minutes have attracted thousands of views and been shared on many social media platforms. 

The elephant also did not show fear or leave even though several objects were thrown at it. Instead, it continued seeking for food.

Meanwhile, quoting a media report, the Director of Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia (Perhilitan) Perak confirmed that the incident occurred in a military camp.

According to him, the elephant is said to have intruded into the food supply storage at the camp. 

However, he said that his party is unsure as to when the incident actually occurred as such incidents are common.

It is understood that the Sri Banding Camp has an electric fence following incidents of intrusions by wild elephants at the camp which have been occurring since the camp was established around the 70s.

In fact, the area of Belum Forest, Temengor and its surroundings are habitats of the elephants. Some have also been spotted at the rest and service area (R&R) of Titiwangsa.


Rosli Mansor


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