Taman Poket Ampangku Attracts Attention

Anyone who drops by the Taman Poket Ampangku near Ampang Baharu in Ipoh will find it simple yet interesting and informative.

The mini garden, which was formerly an abandoned land, is now decorated with attractive landscape and informative boards on the history and heritage of Kampung Baru Ampang.

Via the garden, one can learn about the origin of the name ‘Ampang’, the glorious era of tin, the period of Emergency, the planting of pomelo and the stories of the residents.

There is also a map of local tourism which is documented in Malay, English and Mandarin. 

This local initiative was pioneered by Kaki Gunung made up of people’s representatives at the parliamentary area of Gopeng. 

Such initiative is commended as it preserves history and heritage.

Rosli Mansor


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