Exchange Used Cooking Oil for Income

Fahmi Yusoff, together with his friend, Mohd Zubir Mohd Ismail, drives from one residential area to another to obtain used cooking oil.

The two friends, who are both 27 years old, do the job part-time by visiting houses of residents after making arrangements with them.

Since two years ago, this part-time work has provided additional income to the two friends who conduct an online business.

According to Fahmi, the oil will then be sent to a certain company which will process it into biodiesel.

“I had worked with a company that conducts recycling activities at schools previously. From there, the idea to do this job came about.

“Thus, when there were no jobs during the pandemic, I thought why not do the job of collecting used cooking oil,” he said.

Every day, they are able to collect about 70kg of used cooking oil purchased from members of the public.

Fahmi said that the demand for used cooking oil for recycling is high but the public awareness on it is still low.

He stated that many households do not know about the method to discard excess used cooking oil and the substance is thrown away just like that.

“Currently we are using Facebook to be contacted by sellers before setting the time to go and purchase the used cooking oil.

“We plan to forge cooperation with residents’ associations or communities to increase awareness,” he added.

Ipohites who have used cooking oil to sell can contact both of them at 011-3146 6683.


Rosli Mansor



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