Stop Cruelty Towards Stray Dogs

Mayor, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud expressed disappointment at those who display cruelty towards stray dogs such as in a recent incident which occurred at the area of Mirror Lake Eco Park.

According to Rumaizi, members of the public should not take the shortcut of getting rid of stray dogs by feeding them food mixed with poison.

“The incident which involved 12 dead stray dogs believed to be poisoned at Mirror Lake Eco Park is inhumane. Members of the public should contact the Ipoh City Council (MBI) if there are stray dogs roaming or disturbing public order.

“I also express disappointment as there are some netizens who misunderstood that the inhumane killing was done by MBI. The MBI will not take such cruel action towards stray dogs.

“The MBI personnel only came to bury all the carcasses. If the carcasses are not buried properly and immediately, it might carry diseases to nearby residents,” he told the press at the MBI headquarters today.

News on the dead stray dogs went viral on social media, drawing various reactions from netizens. 

Rumaizi added that the MBI also received various complaints from the public this month regarding stray dogs found dead at several locations.

“The MBI has reported the matter to the police for further investigation. Members of the public are urged to never repeat such cruel acts towards strays again,” he said.



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