MBI Begins Phase 1 of Road Resurfacing Works

The Ipoh City Council (MBI) has begun the road resurfacing works involving two areas under the MBI administration, namely Hala Menglembu Timur and Jalan Bercham. 

Mayor, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud said phase 1 of the works at the area began on March 15 involving main roads of 18.76 kilometres, roads at the city centre of 4.258 kilometres, roads at residential areas of 27,133 kilometres and roads at industrial areas of 5.537 kilometres.

“The overall cost for phase 1 is RM12 million and phase 2 is RM9 million. The total of both phases is RM21 million involving works on basic infrastructure like roads, drains and streetlights. 

“At the end of 2020, about RM27.1 million was allocated for road repair. However, in 2021, the focus was more on drainage issues due to natural disasters like flash floods.

“This year, we will focus back on road repair and improve streetlights and the landscape for identified areas. However, upgrade works for drains are necessary as most existing drains have small capacity. Due to the high rainfall, the small drains will be expanded to accommodate bigger water capacity,” he told the media after visiting the site of road resurfacing works at Jalan Bercham yesterday.

Present were MBI Council Member for Zone 11 (Bercham), Albert Ho Wai Mun, Mahader Ahmad Mohammad Ayob and Engineering Director of MBI, Azman Mohd Harun. 

Meanwhile, Albert Ho Wai Mun stated that the resurfacing at the Bercham area involves 3.894 kilometres overall, beginning from the junction entering Bercham till lane 19.

“Today, a total of 150 staff members will carry out resurfacing works along 400 metres and it is expected to be completed fully by mid April. The works will be ongoing for 24 hours daily.

“Road repair will be done well in order to obtain a flat and quality road. The milling process will be carried out first before resurfacing is done,” he added.

Phase 1 of the works is expected to be completed fully by early July. On the other hand, phase 2 will begin in May till the end of August.


Rosli Mansor 


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