Rescue Team Drills New Location in Search of Buried Victims

A new route has been identified as a possible location nearest to the two victims buried in the quarry rockfall incident at Simpang Pulai last Tuesday.

Thus, the rescue team will carry out drilling at the route today.

A spokesperson for the Operations Room of the State Fire and Rescue Department informed that the matter was decided during the discussion involving related parties.

According to the spokesperson, the quarry personnel will perform a drilling operation at the location at a depth of about 10 metres.

“The works will be monitored fully by the Special Tactical Operation and Rescue Team of Malaysia (STORM), and the Special Malaysia Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (SMART) while the cleaning and road opening works are continued.

“The operation which is entering the twelfth day is continued with observance of high security.”

The search effort involves 50 members of various agencies including the Department of Mineral and Geoscience, District Land Office and staff of a quarry company.

Two excavators are also used to move the rocks under the monitoring of operations commander, Fire Superintendent Umrani Che Mat.


Rosli Mansor


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