Matsoorat Cave Enters Malaysia Book Of Records

A continuous rock climbing event for 72 hours at Matsoorat Cave today has earned an entry in the Malaysia Book Of Records (MBOR).

Mayor, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud said the acknowledgement from MBOR will directly boost another eco-tourism product in Ipoh.

“It helps to turn Matsoorat Cave into one of the main eco-tourism destinations in Perak. The success will further promote the cave at a national and international level.

“In line with the opening of borders this April 1, it will surely open opportunities for tourists from other countries like Singapore, China, Thailand and Indonesia to choose Matsoorat Cave as a tourism destination especially for extreme sports.

“Previously, the Ipoh City Council (MBI) has developed the area around Mirror Lake at Gunung Rapat as the nation’s first quarry eco park, as well as the Qing Xin Ling Leisure and Cultural Village at Taman Saikat, Ipoh. 

“We still have 30 square kilometres of limestone cave areas to be developed. The potential of those areas will be assessed to determine if they are suitable for tourism or education,” he said during a media conference after the signing of the certificate of the Malaysia Book of Records today.

Rumaizi also went on site to plant 10 Ipoh Trees, contributed by the Rotary Club of Ipoh South, near Matsoorat Cave together with the Director-General of Perak State Agricultural Development Corp, Yahanis Yahaya.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of Rimba Management & Leisure Sdn Bhd, Megat Mohd Shahrin Mohd Hamdan said a total of 30 climbers from several states like Melaka, Selangor and Pulau Pinang had united to create the new record for rock climbing for 72 hours.

“Previously, they recorded 48 hours. The new record of 72 hours non-stop has earned an entry in the MBOR. This is a proud achievement for all participants that boosts the name of the cave globally. We wish to make the cave one of the national training centres for extreme sports.

“Besides rock climbing, we also offer various activities such as cave exploration, abseiling and more for local and international tourists.”

The certificate of MBOR was presented by the Manager of the MBOR Office, Lee Pooi Leng and Account Executive, Nazrul Hafizi.

Cheong Lee Wen from Melaka is one of the participants of the rock climbing who expressed happiness at the achievement.

“I’m proud to be a participant and to have contributed to this success. I joined this event after reviewing the safety features, especially the use of safety equipment. The climbing route is also confirmed safe.

“I will surely come here again to do my favourite extreme sports. Matsoorat Cave has a big potential to be the hotspot for extreme sports enthusiasts with its many activities and strategic geographical location in the middle of Ipoh.”


Rosli Mansor


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