Plant More Trees for the City’s Sustainability

Ipohites need to take the initiative to plant more trees to increase greenery and to retain sustainability.

The planting of trees can reduce the effect of the hot and dry weather which is hitting the country currently.

Ipoh City Council’s (MBI) Council Member for Zone 14, Dr. Richard Ng explained that the planting of trees can help to absorb carbon dioxide from the air which reduces the impacts of greenhouse gases.

“Climate change is a vital issue not only for us, but also for future generations who will inherit this beautiful planet.”

He said so during the recent launch of a greening of earth programme in conjunction with Earth Day at the parking lot in front of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Raja Perempuan Ipoh (SMK RPS).

Present were the Principal of SMK RPS, Wiza Rozahrin Mohamed Radzi, head of the school’s parent-teacher association, Mohd Syahrizal Azmi and staff members.

The highlight of the launch was the planting of Tecoma trees at the school parking area.

A total of two trees were planted and this total will be added on as targeted.

Richard added that SMK RPS will pioneer the greening programme in the city as the school was once the champion of the national-level Toyota Eco Youth programme.

“May the launch of this programme be the starting point to achieve the vision of making Ipoh a Low Carbon City by 2030.”

Meanwhile, Wiza Rozahrin said the school practises the concept of 5R (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recovery) to preserve the environment.

“The school is proud to be selected for the programme and may it serve as an example.”


Rosli Mansor


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