Helping Needy Families

Jusnita Waham, 42, who is a mother of two, lost her husband, Sopian, 56, on March 23 when he passed away due to various health complications.

She will be celebrating Aidilfitri without her beloved spouse for the first time.

“After his passing, I have to take over the responsibility of taking care of the kids while taking up any jobs to cover daily expenses.

“I have a business selling coconut water at Chemor which has been stopped temporarily after my husband passed away due to the period of iddah (period of mourning). At the moment, there are some savings for me and my two children.

“I am grateful to Nazrin Cheong for the contribution presented which can be used to prepare for the festive season,” she said during an interview at her house in Chemor.

Jusnita Waham was among the five families selected to receive contributions from the CEO of Mimbar Nusantara Homes Sdn Bhd in conjunction with Hari Raya Aidilfitri. 

According to Nazrin Cheong, the contribution presented was part of the yearly corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme of Mimbar Nusantara to help the less fortunate.

“These families have lost their main source of income due to the passing of their husbands. Some of the kids have to stop schooling as their mothers have to go out to work.

“The contribution in the form of daily necessities, festive cookies and RM200 of duit raya is hoped to be able to reduce their burdens.

“I will continue to assist in terms of household items as there is a family of six who does not have any furniture.”

Present were the Chairperson of Bahtera Amal dan Pertubuhan Putri Kebajikan Perak (BAPPKP), Wan Norashikin Noran and President of Perak Media Sports and Welfare Club, Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali.

Members of the public who would like to help can contact Wan Norashikin Noran at 012-509 2557 and Rosli Mansor at 017-565 5689.


Rosli Mansor


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