‘Nasi Ganja’ case Charged

When a helicopter was spotted landing at Padang Ipoh last year to pick up orders of the ‘nasi ganja’, it attracted public attention. The case went viral and was brought to court today.

The pilot was charged at the Magistrate’s Court in Ipoh for failing to adhere to the flight plan.

The accused, Datuk Mohamed Raffe Chekku, 53, who is also the managing director of a company, claimed trial after the charge was read before Magistrate Jessica Daimis.

He was being charged according to Section 77 (2) of the Civil Aviation Regulations 2016.

According to the Civil Aviation Directive 2, the accused had breached the flight plan when he landed the Bell 505 helicopter with a registration number of 9M RCI at a location other than an aerodrome. 

He faces a fine of not more than RM50,000, jail or both if found guilty.

The prosecution was conducted by Deputy Public Prosecutor, Jean Sharmila Jesudason while the accused was represented by lawyer, Datuk Baljit Singh Sidhu.

The court then fixed bail at RM5,000 with one surety and set June 29 for mention of the case.

The accused posted bail.

During the incident on July 23 last year, a helicopter landed at Padang Ipoh, believed to collect orders of ‘nasi kandar’ (steamed rice with various curries and sides) from a famous restaurant in the city.

There were two individuals in the helicopter believed to be owned by a private company, who picked up orders of ‘nasi kandar’, also known as ‘nasi ganja’.


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