1,058 Covid-19 Patients Still Receiving Treatment in Perak

The public has to adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to prevent the spread of Covid-19, although the country is currently in the endemic phase. 

There are still a small number of daily cases of Covid-19 being reported with a total of 1,058 patients under treatment including three in the ICU.

The state recorded 47 cases yesterday and 58 and 90 cases respectively on the previous days. 

The Perak State Health Department announced via its Facebook page that out of the 47 cases, 44 were local and the remaining were imported.

Kinta district still records the highest cases of Covid-19 in Perak with a cumulative of 597 cases with 22 new cases.

Meanwhile, the second highest cases recorded is in Hilir Perak with 114 ongoing cases of which Durian Sebatang recorded 77 ongoing cases. 

According to the Ministry of Health of Malaysia in a statement, 1,128 cases were recorded yesterday including one imported case, bringing the total overall cases in the country to 4,516,319 cases.

The data on CovidNow website showed that a total of 1,547 recovered cases were recorded with a total number of recovered cases of 4,460,546.

All the daily cases were reported in Selangor (598 cases), Kuala Lumpur (170 cases), Penang (78 cases), Sabah (63 cases), Perak (47 cases), Johor (44 cases), Kedah (34 cases), Negeri Sembilan (26 cases), Sarawak (22 cases), Melaka (12 cases), Kelantan (10 cases), Pahang (eight cases), Terengganu (seven cases), Putrajaya (six cases), Perlis (three cases) and no new infections in Labuan.


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