Rubbish Collection: Contract with MUMSB Will Not Be Renewed – MB Perak

Menteri Besar, Dato’ Seri Saarani Mohamad stated that the contract with Majuperak Utilities Management Sdn Bhd (MUMSB) for the management of rubbish collection works at several areas in the state will not be renewed.

He said the matter was decided after a recent meeting between his party and the company.

He added that the probation period of the concessionaire will end this November while the state government no longer follows the Solid Waste And Public Cleansing Management Act 2007 (Act 672).

“We have spoken to Majuperak Holdings Berhad.

“This means that after the trial period of two years, the local authorities (PBT) will resume its previous procedure for rubbish and solid waste collection. It will be managed by the PBT employees themselves or another contractor will be appointed.

Hr said so after attending the state government’s meet-the-client session at the Indera Mulia Stadium today.

Previously, Saarani said that his party would ask Majuperak Holdings to advise MUMSB regarding the issue.

He also urged other companies which are interested to take on the contract for rubbish collection to make deep considerations to prevent issues from arising.

“Many companies are interested to cooperate with the Ipoh City Council (MBI) or PBT. However, it depends on the capability of the PBT to afford it. 

“If the PBT could not afford to pay the contractor, it would result in poor performance from the company.

“I would like to remind the respective PBT to view this matter seriously and do relevant research.

He said so when asked to comment on the public complaints on rubbish collection around Perak which was delayed up to weeks.

Some residents also claimed that they had to take their own initiatives to collect the rubbish at the neighbourhood using their own vehicles as they could not stand the smell and sight.

“We have discussed this issue with the Mayor. It is also related to the concessionaire which made an agreement with MBI.

“MBI is asked to review the performance of the concessionaire. The people are complaining because as taxpayers, they hope MBI could provide excellent service for this matter.

“When I passed by the area at Meru, I saw rubbish bags torn by strays and attracted flies. It looked dirty.


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