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Datuk Ramli Ibrahim to Light the Fire for the Future of Arts in Perak

Art is a language that is very lightly regarded, including classical and contemporary dance even though dance is a powerful medium of expression. 

The world-renowned Sutra Foundation and Persatuan Seni Tarian Antarabangsa (PSTPA) have taken the initiative to promote diversity and inclusivity of arts by bridging the missing gap of performing arts in Perak. 

Sutra Foundation launched its Perak wing at PSTPA’s new boutique gallery dance studio on June 10. 

Internationally accomplished Indian classical dancer and choreographer, Datuk Ramli Ibrahim said art is experiential, so you have to be on the ground to understand the way the community works. 

“It’s about time to show people that this place is more than just gastronomical treats, but has an involvement in arts and culture. I believe there should be a place where Perak can celebrate the art of life. 

“The culture of arts is still disregarded by many and the reason the topic is frowned upon, we believe, is contributed by the lack of knowledge application. People don’t see the sustainability of the creative industry.

“However, we need to educate the next generation that in order to be sustainable, it takes more than just passion. It’s hard work combined with continuous commitments and family support,” Ramli, who has performed around the world such as Dubai, the US and India explained. 

He highlighted, “Perak is a great talent hub. We need to celebrate our rich diversity of cultures, cultivate an all-embracing and integrated mindscape as well as enrich the creativity of our youths. Arts and culture are the vitamins and trace elements you should be consuming for your mind. I believe we can achieve greater heights in producing excellent talents in Perak.” 

He has also brought recognition to Indian classical dance, especially Odissi, with his critically acclaimed performances. Having taught generations of dancers and choreographers and been an outspoken champion of the arts, he is acknowledged as “Living Heritage” and “Living Treasure” by the Malaysian government and UNESCO respectively and was awarded one of the highest civilian honours in India; the Padma Shri award; in recognition of his contribution to the arts. 

The president of PSTPA, Audrey Kwan said, “I’m also a strong believer that dance, arts and culture play a great role in human development. At PSTPA, we want to take this to a higher level of excellence. Our mission remains the same, to place local talents on the international dance maps. We will be scouting talent, giving training, creating dance films and staging productions. Our doors are open to all – whether to those who wish to learn, teach, perform or simply be involved in productions. We are extremely pleased to share this with the local communities in Perak.”

Perak’s Sutra Foundation will kick off a 3-day Odissi workshop and talk in Ipoh by Datuk Ramli Ibrahim on July 8 to 10

The session is open for experienced and non-experienced dancers alike, from age 6 to 16. Sutra Foundation’s artwork is also currently on exhibition at PSTPA. Art collectors and enthusiasts may make an appointment to visit the gallery. 

PSTPA runs weekly ballet and contemporary dance classes from beginner to pre-professional levels. PSTPA welcomes collaboration in all genres of art and hosts resident artists from all over the world within its campus. 

The next audition to join PSTPA and Sutra Foundation will be held on July 9. If you are ready to embark on your dancing journey, be it to learn, teach, perform or simply be involved in productions, kindly contact 018-7720268 or email

Gisele Soo 

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