Ramli’s Collection of Antiques

Ramli Abu Itam or fondly called Teacher Ramli, 67, had been collecting antiques for decades.

His house located at No 1, Hala Klebang Restu 9, Medan Klebang Restu, Chemor is full of antiques in the form of cameras, limited edition posters of P. Ramlee, gramophones and more.

The former teacher of several secondary schools is currently offering all the antiques for sale.

His deep passion in antiques brought him to several countries including Singapore and Indonesia in search of rare collections.

“I visited England three times to obtain the antiques there, at The Junk Shop near Greenwich. Among the items I got were stamps. 

According to Ramli in a recent interview, he said that it is timely for him to sell his beloved collection due to his age and wish to spend time with family.


After discussion with his wife and children, he set his heart to sell his prized possessions.

“How much longer can I take care of these items? I am worried that over time, when I’m no longer as healthy, these items might be sold off regardless of its aesthetic value.

“I have seen how some items, belonging to my friends who were also antique lovers, disappeared in the blink of an eye when they passed on.

“My wife and children cherish the collection but I understand that they do not know the method to take care of it like I do all these while.

He also offers the opportunity to any party who is interested to display his collection at a specific space for public viewing.

“Many have placed booking for purchase but I still hope there are parties, private or government, who can place the collection in a museum, for example, for future generations to view. For that purpose I will provide it for free.

Interesting items include the first edition of Coca-Cola from 1894, telephones, books, plates and bowls. 

For more info, interested readers can contact Ramli at 019- 577 4207 or visit his house directly.


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