Natural Beauty of Andong Tijah House Attracts Tourists

The beauty of the natural environment at Andong Tijah House of Labu Kubong Homestay in Kuala Kangsar is said to be similar to being at Kundasang in Sabah.  

Andong Tijah House is a traditional Malay house which has become one of the main attractions for visitors and tourists.

Imagine being able to enjoy delicious Red Prawn durians at the porch of Andong Tijah House facing a vast paddy field!

Its founder, Meor Samsudin Abu Hassan, 62, said Andong Tijah was an old house shifted by the villagers collectively in 2018. 

“I repaired the house by retaining its original design concept.

“This attracts tourists who wish to experience the Malay culture.

“The house is named after my ancestor, Andong Tijah. ‘Andong’ refers to one’s grandmother in Minang language.

“We would like tourists to return home with a beautiful memory. Besides homestay, we also provide various family-oriented activities.

Labu Kubong Homestay which is registered with the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia has been operating since 2015.    

Throughout this period, thousands of local and international tourists have visited here.

It is said to be among the most beautiful homestay products in Perak due to its natural environment and local fruits.

Do not forget to bring home some Mak Andak Timah fried banana crisps, split gill mushrooms, traditional cooling powder, spicy sweet potato crisps and dodol, all traditionally made by locals there.  

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