Management Issue of Mirror Lake Can be Resolved Through Discussion

The issue of management at the Mirror Lake (Tasik Cermin) geosite area in Gunung Rapat is facing problems following the winding up of its concession company, Mansion Machinery.

Mansion Machinery was wound up on July 21, 2021 but the Ipoh City Council (MBI) was only informed in March 2022.

Following the situation, the MBI issued a letter of termination of operations to Mansion Machinery on April 21, prohibiting it from managing the lake.

Development Director of Tasik Cermin Tourism Sdn Bhd (TCT), Siti Norlizawati Narawi said her party as the current operator is still running the operations as usual at the location.

She said, however, the current situation has caused all the plans for developing the location to be disrupted.

“Many people assume that we (Tasik Cermin Tourism Sdn. Bhd) are experiencing winding up but that’s not the case.

“TCT is just an advisor appointed by Mansion Machinery when they applied to develop Mirror Lake and given the responsibility as the operator,” she said in a press conference to clarify the situation of Mirror Lake.

She explained that TCT has been appointed as the interim operator to manage the geosite, but their ability to develop the location is limited.

In regards to this, she said that the issue regarding the management of Mirror Lake can be resolved through discussion involving all stakeholders for the development of state tourism.

She hoped that the Perak state government, MBI and Majuperak Holdings Bhd. as a second concessionaire, can come to a positive conclusion.

“Whatever the outcome of the discussion, I just hope that our position as operator is maintained.

“This is because we have been involved in the process of opening this location from the beginning, and even have a skilled workforce in the field of eco-tourism consisting of locals, including Orang Asli.

The Mirror Lake geosite area was officially opened to the public last January and became the first quarry eco park of its kind in the country.

The MBI had appointed TCT to develop the 26-hectare Mirror Lake Eco Park.

Mirror Lake is a former quarry site that is no longer in operation, with two lakes and two tunnels.


by Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

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