MPT cleans the house full of recycled rubbish

The Taiping Municipal Council (MPT) has carried out cleaning work on a house in Jalan Keranji, Taman Simpang which was filled with recycled rubbish.

This was following complaints from locals who were uncomfortable with the house being littered with recycled rubbish. It was a nuisance to the neighbors as well.

The MPT said in a statement that they started the cleaning work at 8am and finished by 11am.

“Two lorries were used to help in clearing out the rubbish from the house.

“The couple living in the house were instructed not to continue their unlicensed recycling activities with immediate effect.

The statement added that the owner of the residence had previously been given a compound of RM250 under Section 70 (12) of the Roads, Drains and Buildings Act 1974 (Act 133).

That is, misusing the premises as a storage place for recyclable items.

The MPT also advised the community not to accumulate rubbish even if it is within the premises of the house.

Storing solid waste piles without the permission of the MPT is considered an offense, even if within the house premises.

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