Indiscriminate Throwing of Cigarette Butts Can Cause Fires

People tossing their cigarette butts out of their vehicles have become a very common occurrence. But this act is a fire hazard and could endanger the lives of other road users.

Public Health Malaysia brought up this issue on its Facebook page recently, where they urged road users and travelers to stop flicking their cigarette butts onto the shoulder of the roads as this could cause fires.

The post stated that in light of the recent hot and humid weather, several cases of bush-fires have been reported. These fires have caused traffic disturbances.

“It’s the dry season now. Areas with bushes on the side of the road have become very dry and flammable. Throwing cigarette butts at them is very dangerous.

“Regardless of where you are, always remember to discard your cigarette butts in an appropriate manner,” it said.


Gisele Soo

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