A Delectably Fishy Tale

The Manhattan FISH Market , located in AEON Station 18, is the latest member in the mall’s food court.

This newcomer offers a menu with a vast variety of items to sate your Pescatorian cravings.

It is the newest branch and first to emerge in the Ipoh market. The Manhattan FISH Market has a smorgasbord of lunch and dinner sets ending with a delectable vanilla ice-cream dessert

Soft serve

Helmed by first-time food entrepreneurs, Daniel Lim and Lee Siew Weng after retiring from the corporate world in the F&B industry, they decided to take the plunge into running their own food business. Hence, the birth of the Manhattan FISH Market on June 1.

Daniel said the food-court concept would appeal to a lot of customers, and operating together with other food vendors in addition to the spacious seating area can draw bigger crowds.

I got a taste of the Fishy tale… and it is oh-fish-ally good!

Their Fish ‘N Chips really hit the spot! Most of my friends know that I have a profound affection for fish and chips. Hence, it was my go-to dish.

Crispy on the outside, and delicately firm on the inside, the fish at the Manhattan FISH Market is of tip-top quality, unlike some places that serve poorly-preserved fish.

Imparting a happy balance of flesh and fats oozing omega 3s, the golden brown batter was crispy and the fish tender and flaky.

Lip smacking good.

Fish ‘N Chips

Not being an avid crustacean fan, I decided to take the plunge and ordered a ‘Scallop Fish Chicken’ platter to begin my seafood journey. Fish and scallops, and chicken with rice?

Seafood is the star of the Manhattan FISH Market show, among other things. So trying other types of seafood was on the cards for me. For instance, the all-time favourite Garlic Herb Mussels and legendary Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter are well-loved by fellow visitors. Also don’t forget to check out their sharing starters, sharing platters, single platters and rockin’ seafood bucket and pasta.

Fish and chips came garnished with hand-cut chips while the seafood platter had a bed of fresh salad served together with their signature butter rice which was accompanied with chicken, scallops and fish.

Choose from a selection of three batters that fit your taste: famous batter (original), cream cracker crusted, or spicy batter. Anyone who fancies a crispier bite can go for their cream cracker batter. As for the types of fish, there are dory, pollock and salmon.

For a limited time, you can grab a flyer at the entrance and use it to redeem either a free soup of the day or hand-cut chips to pair with your meal!

Visit The Manhattan FISH Market at AEON Ipoh Station 18 Shopping Centre, 2 Susuran Stesen 18, 31650, Ipoh (Ground floor).


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