MBI Distribute Free Trash Bins to the Residents of Taman SPPK

A total of 500 units of wheelie bins have been distributed to the residents of Taman Pengkalan Jaya (Taman SPPK) here this morning for the use of the local residents. Taman SPPK is one of the earliest residential areas in the city of Ipoh.

The handover was completed by Ipoh City Councilor (MBI), Councilor Tony Khoo who is also the Head of MCA East Ipoh Division.

The bins are to help the domestic waste disposal process to be cleaner and more organised for the residents of the area.

In addition, garbage collection can also be carried out more smoothly, especially for residents who do not have garbage bins and have had to resort to hanging garbage on poles or even their house gates.

The distribution of free bins to residents is an initiative of MBI to ensure that their respective areas are free from illegal waste.

Through the provision of trash cans, each house has a responsibility to ensure that trash is not placed outside, which could invite the presence of wild animals.

The delivery of these free bins will also help realize MBI’s desire to make Ipoh the Cleanest City in Malaysia in 2023.

Meanwhile, a resident, Aziz Majid, thanked MBI for donating the trash bins which are much needed by the residents in addition to facilitating garbage collection.

“Currently, I am using an old trash can that is placed behind the house. The trash can does not even have a lid.

“So with these new bins, the garbage does not smell because there is a cover and the garbage is only removed when it is collection day,” he said.

by Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

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