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Community Rehabilitation Centre Train Special Children to Produce Handicrafts

Being a disabled person (OKU) is not an obstacle to training for skills that suit their abilities.

This is what the special children of the Community Rehabilitation Centre (PDK) Titian Harapan Bota Kanan participants have proven.

With the guidance of dedicated staff, about 25 special children are now trained in the skills of producing handicrafts, namely ceramic and woven decorations.

These special children are among the categories that have hearing, speech and learning problems.

According to the Chairman of PDK Bota, Sabree Ahmad, the participants were divided according to their ability to be guided by the officers.

He said the ceramic handicrafts that are produced are soap containers, fridge magnets, candle holders and that the most interesting are the tuntung decorations.

Tuntung are a type of river terrapin.

“As we know, tuntung are synonymous with Bota, where the hatching place of this animal is located.

“So we focus more on producing a variety of tuntung ceramics as decoration.

Tuntung Figurines

“What makes us proud is that these PDK handicraft products are in high demand, to the point whereby they are ordered in advance before they can be completed,” he told the press.

Among those who often order the handicrafts of these special children is Bota State Assembly Member, Khairul Shahril Mohamed.

Thus, the programme to produce ceramic decorations has multiple benefits; which is to provide training to the participants, generate income and become a tourist attraction.

PDK Bota is open four days a week, i.e. participants come here from 8 am to 12 pm and there is no operation on Fridays.

Meanwhile, PDK officer, Rosnani Ishak, 54, said she guided nine disabled participants to produce woven handicrafts such as handbags, tissue containers, napkins and gift bags.

She said, a serving lid takes three days to complete while a handbag uses mesh plastic material.

“The approximate price of handbags is RM12 to RM35, tissue containers are RM12 and serving lids are RM60.

“Raja Puan Besar Perak, Raja Nazhatul Shima is one of the dignitaries who have visited here and is very interested in the weaving of serving lids made by these special children,” she said.

By Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

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