Ipoh Native Returns with Digital Marketing Courses to Empower Participants

“My experience in sales is one thing, but my ability to share my strategies and create results in others is my biggest asset as a trainer” – Javendra Kumar

“Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis.”

Which roughly translates to “Times change and we change with the times.”

It’s been a little over four years since we spoke with Javendra Kumar, a young entrepreneur who was building up his business in those halcyon days known as the “Pre-Pandemic Era”. Given that the entire world can turn upside down in that span of time, we caught up with our enterprising “Ipoh-mali” to see what’s been going on with him.

The founder of J Global Resources Sdn Bhd cum managing director of J Global Academy, Javendra, is a graduate from the National University of Malaysia, TTT certified trainer, certified NLP coach, American board of NLP, entrepreneur ikon UKM and Alibaba ambassador Malaysia.

Born in Ipoh and a straight A student from ACS, Javendra loves his hometown. As anyone who has left for seemingly greener pastures in their youth and returned can attest, there’s just something about Ipoh that’s oh-so-comforting. Which is why Javendra wants to help it to the best of his abilities.

Since Ipoh Echo spoke to him in 2018, Javendra has evolved his business. He discovered that his strength and passion lay in empowering the people around him, but to do that, he must lead by example, which pushed him to work toward becoming more successful himself.

As noted in our previous article, Javendra was one of the 30 budding entrepreneurs hand-picked by the Ministry of Education to attend the Youth E-Commerce Programme in Hangzhou, China. There, he didn’t just see the benefits of digitisation, but the methods employed and how they could be used to benefit everyone involved.

Bringing this knowledge home, he threw himself into learning all about digital marketing and sales. He applied this knowledge and learning to his own life and in the process, developed a module he called “Sell Like a Pro”. Eventually he thought to himself, “Why don’t I start up my own academy?”

Which brings us to the founding of J Global Academy (JGA). JGA isn’t just a place of learning that has to date, trained over a thousand people, with recorded sales of over 477 million, but it’s a platform for Javendra to empower people and give back to the hometown that’s near and dear to his heart.

JGA is holding a free digital marketing course on August 6 at Excelsior Hotel, Ipoh. Limited to 100 participants, you can read below for more details.

Feel free to contact Javendra at 011-11487983 via Whatsapp. Visit his campsite for more information about his works and social media.

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