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Misa Island, Gateway to the Age of the Old Malay Sultanate

As soon as you step foot into the Misa Malay Island Cultural Village (PWBPMM), your mind will feel as if you are in the glory days of the old Malay Sultanate.

Girls in Malay dress and children playing sepak takraw, add to the charm of this village inhabited by more than 40 people.

Such is the uniqueness of PWBPMM which is located in Kampung Teluk Kepayang, Bota Kiri. It is becoming increasingly well-known and has great potential to become the new tourism icon of Perak itself.

There is no doubt that PWBPMM is indeed synonymous with the continuation of the history of the Perak State Sultanate which exists in a district famous for its folk song, Joget Wan Lebo.

The founder of PWBPMM, Muhammad Faizal Abdul Halim, 51, said PWBPMM is an initiative to preserve and enshrine Perak’s Malay cultural heritage, which is being increasingly forgotten by the current generation.

“The idea of Pulau Misa was taken from a Malay history book of Perak, written by Raja Chulan to be presented to the 15th Sultan of Perak, Sultan Iskandar Zulkarnain, son of the late Sultan Muhammad Shah (14th Sultan of Perak).

“PWBPMM was officially opened in 1999 with the aim of enshrining Perak’s Malay culture to local and foreign communities so that it may be preserved and not lost in the mists of time.

“Malay culture, in fact, is extremely beautiful. It lets you look at the simplicity of the way of life, the close connection to nature and where it finally returns to the creator.

“Here is the best opportunity for the civilization of Perak’s Malay community, which is rich in various branches of artistic and cultural heritage, to be refined and observed together”, he said to Ipoh Echo.

The Malam Sejati Melayu (MMS) event held every Saturday evening starting at 9.30pm is one of the main attractions here.

MMS is a re-enactment night of the ceremony before the king at Balairung Seri organized by the Malaysian Archipelago Culture and Music Association. Various artistic events are presented including traditional dances, martial arts performances, martial arts using weapons and many more.

Apart from that, the opportunity to ride a boat down the Perak River for two kilometers is no less exciting when witnessing the natural beauty of Misa Island at sunset.

A visit here is incomplete without witnessing the dexterity of young people riding horses while performing archery. You also have the opportunity to ride a horse yourself, with nearby supervision to take care of your safety. In addition, there are also kayaking activities, archery classes and making friends with Petting Zoo animals such as goats and rabbits.

PWBPMM is indeed certified as having great potential in the tourism industry in the state of Perak.

By Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

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