Stand out in the Global Workforce with a British Education

The number of graduates in Malaysia rises yearly alongside the increasing awareness of the importance of higher education. However, prior to the pandemic, the Department of Statistics Malaysia revealed that there were more than 200 thousand unemployed graduates. Furthermore, graduate unemployment rates are expected to rise with the highly competitive labour market. As the dynamics of the global workforce continue to evolve, employers are looking for very specific skills and qualities that make it even harder for young graduates to stand out amongst the vast pool of talents.

Young Malaysians who are looking to get ahead of their peers can consider pursuing a British higher education pathway – just like the other 76,000 Malaysian students who studied in the UK in the past decade. This is a testament to the exceptional UK teaching standards and employment prospects.

  1.   Elevate your Skills with Research-based Learning

At work, and in life generally, we simply need to think critically. This is also why critical thinking is one of the most highly sought-after skills in the workplace. To meet the demands of the ever-changing workforce, fresh graduates need to analyse and solve complex problems while at the same time adapting to a fast-paced environment. Employers gain great value in hiring fresh graduates with critical thinking skills.

These skills are developed through a research-intensive learning environment. Students can boost their skill sets by actively participating in research-based learning. Academic research inspires students to explore new ideas, perspectives, and arguments. It requires students to exercise critical thinking to analyse data, organise their ideas and challenge various viewpoints, resulting in the development of personal and professional skills and enabling them to take on a range of demanding roles in the workplace.

The British higher education system is widely recognized for its research and development capabilities. The consistent quality education provided in the UK has attracted international students throughout the world, enabling the UK to be at the forefront of global research. Students who are keen to boost their critical and analytical skills can benefit from a British research-based programme by actively being a part of a global community comprising world-leading researchers across an array of disciplines.

  1. Gain Exposure through UK Transfer Programmes

Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), world’s leading provider of insights into the global higher education sector, revealed that six out of ten employers around the world give extra credit to students with international experience. Today, students have many options to pursue their studies in the UK, one of which is through a transfer programme. They can start their British education pathway at a local UK university, especially those within the top 100 QS World University Rankings – where students can access programmes identical in structure and content to the ones offered at the home campuses. Students who start their education at a local UK University can also reap the benefits of saving up to 40% on tuition fees and living costs while studying in Malaysia.

Depending on the university and the programmes offered, students will usually have the flexibility to choose which year they would like to be transferred to the UK. The exposure of studying abroad will also give students an advantage through socialising with students not only from the UK but from around the world. The combination of rich cultural experiences, exceptional teaching standards and excellent employment prospects provide students with an upper hand among employers when they pursue a British education pathway.

  1.   Seize the Prestige that comes with British Education

The United Kingdom (UK) has long maintained its reputation for being the top destination for Malaysian students due to its rich history in providing a world-class education. The UK is home to many respectable universities such as Oxford and Cambridge that were established more than a millennia ago. These universities are known throughout the world for their high-quality programmes and devotion to student performance.

Furthermore, universities in the UK are highly selective when it comes to offering admission to both local and international students, with an acceptance rate of between 8% and 44%. With these competitive acceptance rates, employers know that a candidate who has graduated with a British education is among the best of the best.

Hence, students can reap the benefits of British education right here in Malaysia by accessing top-quality British Education through the many UK universities available, such as the University of Southampton Malaysia, an international branch campus which provides globally recognised programmes in Business, Engineering and Computer Science.

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By Professor Rebecca Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, University of Southampton Malaysia

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