Cashless Parking To Be Implemented At UTC And Pasar Ayam

The cashless parking system introduced in several locations in the city is not to complicate users, but is in accordance with current developments.

Rejecting the claims of a few parties who described the parking system as being inconvenient for users, especially the elderly, Ipoh Mayor Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud said the matter will be looked at comprehensively.

Taking the example of other cities such as Kuala Lumpur and so on, Rumaizi said there are elderly people who are more sensitive and skilled in using the latest technology.

“Like it or not, in any city, cashless parking has already happened.

“Some people say that this will inconvenience many elderly people in Ipoh, but I see in Kuala Lumpur the elderly can use this digital technology,” he said in a press conference after officiating the Inauguration Ceremony of the Digital Women’s Transformation Program on Thursday, where also present were the President of Ikon Women’s Club of Malaysia (KWIM), Datuk Normaziah Shiekh Mohamed and Council Member, Puteri Holijah Muhamad Rali.

He said this in response to the grievances and complaints of the public who are worried about the implementation of the system at the Pasar Ayam and Urban Transformation Center (UTC) starting October 1.

Rumaizi added that the implementation of the system this October is a trial run. He further said that his party will refine and evaluate the feedback after the period of three months starting from October to December this year.

“We will do an experiment first, for three months. Our hope is that if this experiment is successful and there are no problems, it can be expanded to other areas here.

“This technology is demanded by the world, go to any country and many people use cashless systems. In China, for example, even paper money is no longer used,” he said.

Meanwhile, when asked by reporters why the two locations were chosen for the trial of the system, Rumaizi said it was because they are crowded areas.

“These locations are a focus for tourists. It involves local and foreign people. From a statistical point of view, it is suitable.

“The time when people use paper and so on, it will change in the future, if we don’t practice it now then we will be left behind,” he said again.

Previously, the Ipoh City Council announced on its official Facebook page that the cashless parking system will start on October 1, at UTC and Pasar Ayam.

However, the decision caused various reactions from the public, who disputed the legitimacy of the system, which is said to be difficult for users, especially the elderly who are less knowledgeable about using the latest technology.

It’s notable that both locations are frequently visited by senior citizens for various daily matters including the purchase of wet goods.

by Rosli Mansor Bin Ahmad Razali

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  1. The parking in Ipoh is almost impossible to understand for visitors, there is no information nor support to visitors from outside Malaysia. on a number of occasions we have just driven on when we are not clear what the parking system is. many visitors just do not stop when it is poorly signed/no information. It makes for an unfriendly place.

  2. Good points. Even a local like myself isn’t always sure which spots can be parked sometimes.

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