Sungai Pari Bridge Is Safe To Use

The Sungai Pari Bridge structure at Jalan Gurdwara, Buntong, is guaranteed to be in good condition and safe for use by road users, said Ipoh City Council (MBI) Chief Assistant Engineer, Mohd Zamri Mohd.

This is in response to a video which went viral on social media showing two men claiming that the bridge was cracked and could collapse at any time if there was heavy rain. They also alleged that Councillors and related parties in the area were not carrying out their duties and were not sensitive to the condition of the bridge which they allege to be dangerous.

Mohd Zamri said there was no problem or damage to the bridge, as was recently spread on social media Facebook and the Whatsapp application.

He said that MBI had previously received complaints about the bridge from Councillors in the area, but the investigation found that it was not dangerous and safe to use.

“This complaint has been submitted by Councillors since the beginning of this year, but as a result of our investigations, we found that the damage of cracks and holes of this structure does not cause the bridge to be dangerous.

“That’s why we didn’t take any action at the time, but recently word spread that this bridge was unsafe.

“The problem is actually only with the joint. But that’s not an issue as it doesn’t involve the structure.

“We have checked the condition of this bridge from top and bottom. The important thing is the actual bearing, which we have checked and found to be in good condition.

“However, we have asked the concessionaire to take immediate action, and repairs will be done there,” he said at a special press conference when conducting a survey on the bridge.

Also present were MBI Engineering Department representatives, concession company representatives, MBI Council Member, S Jayagopi, and Perak MCA Complaints and Public Service Bureau Chief, Low Guo Nan.

In this regard, Mohd Zamri said that the improvement works will continue to be carried out to ensure that the matter does not cause annoyance to road users.

“The repair work will only involve the joint part, and the upper part of the road that looks cracked or potholed will be patched up.

“Today, a representative engineer from Puncak Emas is also present, thus, we will work together to discuss the most appropriate as well as best methods and materials to use,” he added.

Mohd Zamri said that his party did not blame any individual who spread the video about the bridge, but he said it would be best to check first.

“That’s their right as netizens, but when we give feedback; I hope they understand.

“Sometimes there are complaints that netizens think are true and well-founded. But if they are unfounded, we have to give a response, this is the method,” he said.

Meanwhile, S Jayagopi said that his party is always sensitive to the grievances and complaints of the community there, however it is clear that the public should not spread information that is not yet certain to be authentic.

“But when I say that this situation is not dangerous, some say that I am not an individual who is qualified to give a statement.

“That’s why today we called on more knowledgeable people such as MBI engineers and the concession company, it was found that the bridge is safe and people don’t need to worry,” he said.

by Rosli Mansor

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