E-Penghulu System Victorious at the Menteri Besar Innovation Awards

The e-Penghulu system created by the Perak Penghulu Office, was crowned as the winner of this year’s Menteri Besar Innovation Award (AIMB), thus winning cash amounting to RM50,000.

AIMB is the main award given to the winners in conjunction with Perak State Level Innovation Day 2022.

According to Perak Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Saarani Mohamad, the organisation of this Innovation Day celebration is a sign of appreciation for the continuous efforts of civil servants to strengthen the government’s delivery system.

He said, many countries are racing to do their best to absorb the culture of innovation in the government’s delivery system.

“Failure to absorb the culture of innovation will cause the government’s administrative machinery to easily get stuck in outdated and backward approaches.

“As civil servants, we need to always be aware of the environment, whether in the community or globally, to foster a culture of innovation,” he said.

Saarani said this when speaking to inaugurate the Perak State Level Innovation Day 2022 yesterday.

He said the state government also expressed appreciation to Menteri Besar Incorporated (MB Inc) for an additional contribution of RM30,000, which raised the amount of cash taken home by AIMB winners to RM50,000.

AIMB is evaluated by several panels based on site visits of innovation projects.

The evaluation results were recommended to the Menteri Besar Innovation Award Selection Committee.

The final selection is carried out by the Selection Committee for the 2022 Menteri Besar Innovation Award.

The e-Penghulu system is a system that is now used by all the Offices of the Mukim Penghulu in Perak, specifically to provide services to the people in various types of affairs.

This system was developed in 2019 and works to help the Penghulu Office record and store attendance data and customer affairs by entering identification cards that are read through a smart card reader.

Penghulu’s office no longer needs to use forms and write things down manually, as this system generates standard format documentation for all documents required by customers throughout Perak.

During the event, Saarani also presented awards for five categories of the New Horizon Innovative and Creative Group (KIK) and six categories of the Perak State Innovation Award.

by Rosli Mansor

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