Firefighters rescue boy locked in a car

By Rosli Mansor

Special fire services were needed to extricate a boy who was trapped in a vehicle at Kampung Tersusun Tanah Hitam last night.

It is understood that the 5-year-old boy fell asleep in a four-wheel drive vehicle, a Toyota Hilux.

A spokesperson for the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) Perak said that they received a call regarding the incident at 9.59pm.

“Members from the Tambun Fire and Rescue Station (BBP) moved to the location to carry out special services for victims trapped in vehicles.

“It is believed that after the victim’s family members got out of the car, the car’s autolock triggered, locking the doors automatically.

“The victim was sleeping at the time and was trapped in the car,” he said in a statement on Friday night.

Therefore, he said, the firemen carried out rescue work using special equipment to lower the window panes.

Firefighters managed to open the locked car and remove the victim safely.

The operation led by Senior Fire Officer II Suhaimi Nijar ended at 10.27pm.

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