Deposits to be forfeited, if party flags not removed

by Rosli Mansor

The mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin@Md Daud wants all political party posters, banners and flags to be removed before December 3, 2022.

According to him, the ‘flag war’ phenomenon around the city of Ipoh before the 15th General Election (GE15) has not yet been completely cleared off.

He said, the responsible parties were reminded not to neglect collecting the campaign materials within the given period to ensure that the city of Ipoh is clean and beautiful again.

“According to the established act, all the campaign materials should be cleaned within 14 days after the election.

“I have informed all political parties to remove and clean out all campaign materials around the city of Ipoh until the deadline of December 2, 2022.

“If on December 3 there are still piles of posters or flags still attached, MBI will confiscate the deposit money and will take over the cleaning work,” he told Ipoh Echo when interviewed after the Ipoh Car Free Day programme today.

The survey of Ipoh Echo found that there are several areas of Ipoh city, especially in the Tambun and Meru districts, where there are still many political party flags and banners that have not been completely removed, including some piles of flags on the shoulder of the road.

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