HRPB: The Emergency and Trauma Department always receives all emergency cases

by Rosli Mansor

Emergency and Trauma Departments in state hospitals always receive and treat emergency patients in large numbers, including cases of ambulance calls, cases that come directly to the department (walk-in) and also referral cases.

Director of Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital (HRPB), Dr. Megat Iskandar Megat Abdul Hamid said this in response to an article published by an online news portal on 12 December 2022 titled ‘Critically ill patients stranded six days in Ipoh GH’s emergency department’.

“The Emergency and Trauma Department always makes every effort to provide quality and best treatment to patients.

“HRPB has taken improvement measures to speed up the entry of Emergency and Trauma Department patients into the ward by creating a Bed Management Unit (BMU).

“The existence of the BMU which now operates 24 hours a day has been found to have helped the discharge process of patients and all HRPB wards and also the admission of patients to the wards from the Emergency and Trauma Department.

“Critical patient cases that have stabilised and still require further treatment will be sent to cluster hospitals to reduce congestion at HRPB,” he said in a media statement yesterday.

With this, HRPB health workers can provide more efficient care for critical patients in the Emergency and Trauma Department.

According to him, like many other hospitals, there is still room for improvement to the quality of medical care for patients.

Further, the HRPB management will examine and discuss with the Perak State Health Department and the Malaysian Ministry of Health headquarters to increase the capacity to treat critical patients at HRPB.

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