Nominations Are Opened For Inspirational & Outstanding Ave Maria Convent Alumni

by KT Leong

Nominations are now open for candidates for the Top 10 Inspirational & Outstanding AMCian Awards.

These awards are in recognition of those Ave Maria Convent (AMC) alumni  who have made meaningful contributions to society as well as to encourage present and future children of AMC to do their part for the community.

The Ave Maria Convent Alumni Association (AMCAA) will be holding the Awards on 20 May in conjunction with AMCAA’s 41st anniversary celebration and the 84th year since the establishment of Ave Maria Convent Ipoh in 1938.

The nominations are open for all AMCian alumni, regardless of age, whether they were only alumni of primary or secondary, and regardless of whether they’re living locally or abroad. Although those living abroad should have the intention of returning to receive the award, should they win it. It is hoped that as the announcement of the awards have been made earlier, that more AMCians abroad will be able to participate.

The nominations will close on 28 Feb. The nomination forms, which detail the terms and conditions, can be obtained by contacting Dr. Ng Zee Meant at 012-2231893 or Jean Chai at 012-5882313.

A panel of 5 judges, 2 men and 3 women, will award points to determine the Top 10 nominees. Auditors will also be used to ensure all information is correct.

The first Top 10 Inspirational & Outstanding AMCian Awards were held in 2017, where a thousand strong crowd celebrated their AMCian Award winners.

AMCians are no strangers to achievements and awards in their long and illustrious history. In fact, the AMC Band and AMC Chinese Orchestra had recently performed splendidly at the School Orchestra Festival 2022 at the state level.

The AMCAA, with its president Mdm. Moy Ooi Thye, are also active in promoting education and the success of AMC in particular, such as with the AMCAA Education Sponsorship programme which raised some RM70,000 back in Nov 2021, to help those students whose family had been impacted by the pandemic.

Once again, for nomination forms, the public can kindly contact Dr. Ng Zee Meant at 012-2231893 or Jean Chai at 012-5882313. For tickets, kindly contact Yeoh Lee Nyen at 019-4412731.

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