Reliacraft Consultancy offers NDT professional skills training

by Rosli Mansor

A local consulting company in the security industry, Reliacraft Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. offers professional skills training related to Non-Destructive Testing NDT.

NDT is a form of testing materials or components without destroying, damaging or changing the structure of the material.

NDT applications are widely used in the oil and gas, manufacturing, shipping, aerospace, railway and power plant industrial sectors.

Reliacraft Consultancy Project Manager, Noorhayati Romli said, the training will be offered specifically to offshore industry workers.

According to her, the training programme will be carried out through collaboration with Reliacraft Consultancy’s strategic partner, the industrial security firm Wens from Dubai.

“Through this collaboration, Reliacraft Consultancy in collaboration with Wens will become an authorised representative training provider on behalf of The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BI-NDT).

“BI-NDT is a prestigious professional accreditation body in this field, especially for engineers and technical professionals.

“Reliacraft Consultancy will also provide the latest and recognised ‘Exam Computer Based’ service in accordance with the taught modules,” she said when met recently.

Reliacraft Consultancy based in Putra Heights, Selangor is a subsidiary of Reliacraft Group, a bumiputra-owned group that focuses on gas and petroleum related services.

Commenting further, Noorhayati said, Reliacraft Consultancy which was established 11 years ago started with providing advisory services to clients in the field of audit.

She said the company also has highly experienced instructors with over 20 years in the NDT industry.

“This training will be carried out entirely in the country without the need to go to Dubai, so it is economical for the companies participating in the programme

“Professional training by Reliacraft Consultancy can help produce a skilled workforce in the field of NDT that the industry needs,” she said.

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