Perak Health Department applauds those with MeSTI certification

By Rosli Mansor

The Perak State Health Department congratulates the companies from the state of Perak that have successfully obtained the Food Safety is the Responsibility of the Industry (MeSTI) certification from the Ministry of Health Malaysia in 2022!

The Ministry of Health’s MeSTI certification is one of the Food Safety Assurance Programmes (PJKM) introduced by the Ministry of Health to help the food industry meet the requirements under the Food Hygiene Regulations 2009.

The benefits of MeSTI certification to the industry are:

  1. Make it easier for products to penetrate a larger market
  2. Increase consumer confidence in the products produced
  3. Provide facilities for obtaining KKM Free Sales Certificate (Export)
  4. FREE technical guidance by KKM officials
  5. The use of the MeSTI logo on the product label issued
  6. Get benefits through KKM promotional activities

Get more info on MeSTI Certification. Contact the officer from the Certification Branch at BKKM JKN Perak at 05-2456000 (ext 6381/ 5125)

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