Ryan Bakery -Champion digital creative content creator

By: Zaki Salleh

MANJUNG – Ryan Bakeri was selected as the winner of the 2022 Fastest Digital Content Creator Award recently.

Ryan Bakeri’s ‘parody’ video beat other big names such as Khairul Aming, Syahmi Syazli, Namie SMY and Mek Yun.

The Gempak Most Wanted Awards Ceremony is an event organized by Astro to recognize social media influencers.

Rysn started making a name for himself as a creative content creator two years ago through short funny videos, and now his talent has gone a long way.

The owner of the name Muhammad Ryan Fahmi Bakeri, 27, started as a social media and TikTok personality.

Making social media a source of income platform, Ryan ventured into the field after losing his job during the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

He previously worked for an airline cargo operator company, was dismissed and returned to his village.

His success was also helped by his wife, Elyia Ibrahim, who provided a lot of support at  the beginning and also became a creative content provider.

In an interview after winning the award, Ryan thanked everyone who has supported his career.

He also considers his efforts to entertain social media users all this time worthwhile.

“Maybe many people like the content I produce because it is related to the journey of life and everyone can ‘feel’ it.

Born in Manjung Perak, Ryan said, “I received many positive comments, even some thanked me because the content I produced reminded them of old memories,”

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