Electricity supply disruption in Lumut recovered

By: Zaki salleh

MANJUNG – Thousands of users are affected following electricity supply disruption around the Pantai Remis area due to problems at the Main Input Substation (PMU) Lumut Maritime.

The disruption that started yesterday afternoon was however successfully restored around 10 this morning.

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) has mobilized a technical team to be on-site to carry out electricity supply repair work.

As an emergency measure, TNB has also mobilized generators (Genset) to all areas as support.

TNB Careline in a statement informed that it appreciates all users for their cooperation.

“The electricity supply disruption around Pantai Remis, Perak due to PMU Lumut Maritime has been fully recovered.

“We would like to express our appreciation to all the customers involved for the cooperation provided throughout supply restoration work,” said the statement.

Meanwhile, a Member of the Pangkor State Legislative Assembly, Norhaslinda Zakaria also went to the field to review the situation last night and get a true picture of the work being done by TNB.

According to her, this incident of electricity supply disruption involved thousands of residents in the Pangkor State Assembly who were affected when they had to go dark.

“I also understand that since this afternoon, the absence of electricity supply has made daily activities difficult, including traders.

“Additionally, in a situation where parents are preparing for the opening of the school session tomorrow, so this situation does create difficulties,” she said.

Norhaslinda also thanked the TNB staff for working tirelessly from day to night.

“The results of my survey and meeting with the TNB found that the TNB officers are doing repairs so that the electricity supply can be restored immediately.

“These officers are also ‘all out’ to mobilize their energy so that the darkened area recovers,” she said.

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