Appoint a consultant to study the reasons why many residents of Ipoh are dissatisfied – The Mayor

By: Aida Aziz

IPOH: The level of satisfaction of residents in the city of Ipoh is considered to be still unsatisfactory even though the level of development and infrastructure has recorded an encouraging increase.

The matter was voiced by the Mayor of Ipoh, Datuk Rumaizi Baharin who insisted that Ipoh is still far behind other cities in Malaysia through the 2022 Malaysia Happiness Index Study.

He said that although Ipoh obtained a score of 88.7 per cent for 2022, which is a slight increase compared to 81.1 per cent in the previous year, it still failed to reach 90 per cent or above.

“Ipoh may be ranked 30th or 40th on the index, but it is still happy because the score is 80 per cent and above if five stars are 90 per cent and above.

“Through my observation, there are indeed many residents of Ipoh who are not satisfied even though there is a sudden improvement in infrastructure and economy.

“The satisfaction of the people here is still low compared to other states. There are states even where the level of infrastructure and economic development is stagnant (unchanged) or declining, but the satisfaction of the people is in the happy score.

“So why? That’s what I’m not sure about and I’m identifying the cause, I don’t have the answer,” he said.

He said this at a press conference after presiding over the March Council Plenary Meeting at the MBI Meeting Hall, here on Thursday.

In this regard, he said, his party had recently appointed a consultant to find the cause and solution to the problem.

“Last March 21, we appointed consultants from Tunku Abdul Rahman University, Kampar and gave them six months to find the cause and suggestions.

“But what I have seen on social media Facebook is that many people in Ipoh are complaining about the issue of roads and garbage collection.

“Another possible issue that they are not satisfied with is the inconsistency in job opportunities in this city, for example, there are positions for low grades, and the job applicants have a degree. Many also graduate from university and college but are forced to work in factories,” he added.

Previously the media reported that the cities of Petaling Jaya, Manjung and Kluang were recognized as among the 10 Happiest Cities 2022 in Malaysia in conjunction with World Happiness Day which falls on March 20 every year.

Also listed are the cities of Gua Musang, Klang, Kulai, Krai, Kuantan, Rompin and Alor Gajah which were selected as the happiest cities through the 2022 Malaysia Happiness Index Study conducted by the Town and Country Planning Department.

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