Convent’s Alumni Erect First Congratulatory Poster To Michelle Yeoh In Ipoh

Photos and words by James Gough

The first poster congratulating Michelle Yeoh for winning the Best Actress award at the 95th Oscars was erected in Ipoh at busy Jalan Sultan Idris Shah.

The large poster was sponsored by May Goh, one of the board of directors for SRJKC Ave Maria and the legal advisor for Ave Maria Convent Alumni Association Ipoh. The poster was erected above ISLEE Fashion Boutique, SOHO just after the Sam Tet school.

The poster reads:

“Congratulations, Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh,

The First Asian Winner for Best Actress, 95th Academy Awards.

We Are So Proud Of You

Madam Moy (standing 9th from left followed by Datin Janet Yeoh, May Goh, and Agnes Wong

We are very proud of you Michelle….

Datin Janet Yeoh, Michelle’s mother was seen proudly launching the poster with May Goh and the alumni from Ave Maria Convent Alumni Association, Madam  Moy Ooi Thye and Agnes Wong from Main Convent Girls Alumni Ipoh.

Goh said the “she is personally very proud of Michelle. Sponsoring this poster is a testimony that I appreciate Michelle’s effort and am proud of her achievement.”

She invited Madam Moy who then invited Agnes Wong of the Main Convent  Alumni President to attend the launch.

Goh added that Madam Moy and Agnes Wong were present today because they too are proud of Michelle’s achievement and came to show their support and celebrate her success.

Madam Moy said Michelle’s acceptance speech on Oscars night telling ‘ladies not to give up and dream big as dreams do come true’ was an inspiration and motivator for our youth.

Agnes Wong personally described the morning event as positive. She was informed of the event one week ago. She gathered her committee, some of whom were Michelle’s classmates and came together to celebrate their fellow student’s success.

Agnes shared the same year with Michelle but her twin sister and four others that attended this morning were her classmates.

The proud and very happy Datin Janet Yeoh
We shared the same year with Michelle. Eunice Choo, Florina Ng, Linda Tan, Agnes Wong. Lily Choy
Michelle Yeoh (top row 8th from the right) class photo.
Michelle’s ‘confident’ signature ‘Choo Kheng’
Michelle extreme right . A happy student. Old Convent photos courtesy of Linda Tan.
All former Convent gals

Come Home Quickly Michelle

It was wonderful Wednesday morning in Ipoh on 29 March. It was a closed Convent event of former students eagerly awaiting the return of Ipoh’s Oscars winner Michelle Yeoh.

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