Residents Complain That Trucks Supplying Water Are Located Too Far Away

By: Rosli Mansor

MANJUNG – Many residents in this district expressed anger at the management of the Perak Water Board (LAP) for allegedly being incompetent in dealing with water supply disruptions.

A resident of a housing estate in Manjung, Abdul Aziz Shah Rizal said that the LAP only sent water trucks to one area and did not enter the housing estate.

“Even though there is a notice on LAP’s official Facebook page, they don’t give the exact location.

“When the location of the supply truck is far from the residential area, it is quite difficult for residents to get water, especially at night,” he said.

The same thing was voiced by a factory worker, Kamaruddin Mohamed Salleh, who said LAP should be able to get help from other agencies, including from outside Perak.

“For example in Sitiawan, the area is large and involves many housing estates and villages.

“The place where the tankers come is not specific. In addition to the hot weather and the fasting month, residents have to wait and queue for a long time,” he complained.

A civil servant, Munirah Rahman Putra hopes that the water problem will be solved soon as once the weekend’s over, people will return to work and children will go back to school.

“Tomorrow is the second day, I and other residents hope the LAP truck will enter the park and village.

“Send the water trucks closer to the residents because they feel sorry for the elderly, pregnant women who need to queue to get water,” she said.

In the meantime, some areas in Manjung such as Lumut and Pulau Pangkor started getting back their water supply after two days of disruption.

This follows the Teluk Kepayang Water Treatment Plant (LRA) starting to operate at a rate of 30 percent today but at a low pressure.

However, full repair work is still being carried out by LAP following the burst pipe incident that happened last Friday.

Repair work was halted yesterday afternoon due to heavy rain before resuming until late at night.

The current process is to complete the conversion and installation of the broken 1,200 millimetre pipe.

The delivery of water supply lorries will continue to be carried out to the affected areas until the situation is fully recovered, which is expected to be tomorrow.

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