Controversial bazaar at Meru Roundabout creates amazing vibes

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari

IPOH: Although the site of the Ramadan bazaar in Meru Roundabout here had caused various controversies, it was still seen as lively, and is now one of the most popular bazaars in Ipoh.

The opening of the bazaar had previously received strong criticism from various social media platforms following the location being said to be unsuitable, cramped and crowded.

However, the specialty of the bazaar which is filled with ‘viral food’ and its attractive location, instead made the bazaar popular and brushed aside all controversy.

First opened in Ramadan this year, the bazaar, which is organized by the Perak State Development Corporation (PKNP), provides 30 stall sites. The bazaar is seen to be filled with visitors starting at 4pm until breaking the fast.

The unique location of the bazaar on the largest roundabout in Perak managed to attract an extraordinary presence of visitors and thus created  exciting Ramadan ‘vibes’ like being overseas.

This is because right after buying food at the bazaar, visitors will not miss the opportunity to break their fast with a picnic concept in the middle of the roundabout field.

Each one is seen to start spreading the mat and breaking the fast with family and friends in a breezy and peaceful atmosphere while enjoying the beautiful view of the dusk sky.

Following the controversy, the Chairman of the Women’s Development Committee, Family, Social Welfare, Development of Entrepreneurs and State Cooperatives, Salbiah Mohamed also took the opportunity to make a surprise visit to the bazaar.

Salbiah said that she and the staff of the Perak State Entrepreneurs Secretariat (STeP) did a walkabout in the bazaar to see for themselves the condition of the hawkers.

“We want to see for ourselves how the hawkers who do business in the Bazaar Bulatan Meru are doing. Perhaps with the presence of agencies present together, the team can find out about needs and help can be channeled.

“Actually, today I want to surprise the bazaar hawkers and we will also want to see how their business is during Ramadan this time,” she told a press conference when she visited the bazaar site.

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