The public market, the old fire station will be upgraded

By Zaki Salleh
Photo: KPKT

LUMUT: Public markets and fire stations that are over 50 years old will be prioritized to be upgraded or rebuilt to provide comfort in addition to safety factors.

For that, the Ministry of Local Government Development (KPKT) will seek appropriate allocations for the implementation.

Its minister, Nga Kor Ming, said it was an effort to ensure that the premises were always in good and safe condition.

He said, the ministry’s review found that 69 fire stations in the country were over 50 years old.

“As for public markets, the ones that have been allocated to rebuild are Taiping Public Market and Pasir Pinji Public Market.

“Today we also announced the allocation of RM3.5 million to rebuild the Ayer Tawar Public Market,” he said.

Overall, KPKT is expected to approve an allocation of RM320 million for projects involving local authorities (PBT) until the end of this year.

To date, as many as 100 projects for PBT have been approved after he made work visits to several states since being appointed to lead KPKT.

He also announced an allocation of RM5.48 million to the Manjung Municipal Council to implement 11 approved projects.

These include rebuilding the Ayer Tawar Public Market, upgrading the Beruas Public Market, building hawker kiosks in Jalan Gapis, Seri Manjung and upgrading the lighting system around the towns of Seri Manjung and Lumut.

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