Dare to ‘Play’ with Paranormal Entities at Kellie’s Castle!

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

Are you ready to ‘play’ with paranormal entities at Kellie’s Castle? Sleep In The Castle (SITC) offers a chance to experience a thrilling and possibly once-in-a-lifetime spooky encounter.

SITC is a new activity set to launch in October 2023 at Kellie Castle, Batu Gajah.

Zamari Muhyi, the Chief Manager of Kellie’s Castle, stated that SITC provides an opportunity for the public to experience spine-chilling encounters while testing their mental strength and courage.

“SITC is a response to the demand from visitors who enjoy challenging activities and seek eerie experiences, albeit in a safe environment.

“As many are aware, Kellie’s Castle possesses its unique mystique and mysteries. Therefore, we want the public to personally experience ‘meeting’ ghosts or paranormal entities, just as previous visitors have done.

“SITC participants will be accommodated in four or five different rooms, which are known to be frequented by entities. These include Helen’s room, the palace corridor, and the laundry room.

“Each night, only 10 individuals will be allowed, divided into pairs per room. Along with a bed, mattress, and blanket, participants will also be provided with beverages like NescafĂ© for those who may find it difficult to sleep,” he told Ipoh Echo.

Kellie’s Castle is an unfinished mansion originally built by a Scottish rubber plantation owner named William Kellie-Smith.

It was intended as a gift for his wife and to celebrate the birth of their child. Unfortunately, Kellie-Smith passed away at the age of 56 due to pneumonia, and the construction of the castle was left incomplete. Construction began in 1915 and concluded in 1926.

According to Zamari, SITC will run from 11:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. The next morning, participants will share their experiences over a provided breakfast.

“Based on the experiences of past participants during the Spooky Toon V.2 event, which takes place every October as part of Kellie’s Castle Paranormal Night Tour, various eerie encounters have been shared.

“They get to experience the presence of entities around midnight. Some of the treatments by these entities include tugging at their clothes, hearing whispers in their ears, and sudden candle extinguishment.

“We will observe the public’s response in October, and if this activity proves to be popular, we may continue it on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the following month,” he added.

Zamari also shared an experience where he had ‘communicated’ with the spirit of a laundry worker named Mr Gopal from Madras, India, who had previously worked for the Smith family.

He stated that the existence of entities in Kellie’s Castle is indeed real, but it depends on an individual’s luck. Furthermore, he had heard peculiar sounds in various parts of the building.

“The ambience within Kellie’s Castle can sometimes be eerie, especially in the linen room where Mr Gopal, the laundry worker from Madras, used to work.

“Adjacent to it is the room of Smith’s daughter, Helen, which is equally challenging. Some previous visitors claimed to have heard the cries of a young girl, especially during the evening hours.

“The public need not worry; the entities here are not as terrifying as depicted in horror movies. Their reactions are simply playful and mischievous. Moreover, we always prioritize the safety of our participants,” he reassured.

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