Success and Triumph at the Timeless Tunes Karaoke Competition

By KT Leong

The Timeless Tunes Karaoke Competition held on July 17 was organised by Ipoh Parade and concluded with immense success, leaving the audience in awe of the exceptional talent displayed by the participants. The event, held at the Main Court, Ipoh Parade, brought together a diverse group of contestants who showcased their vocal prowess and performance skills, evoking nostalgic emotions through the melodies of the 90s and earlier.

Alyssa Chow, the 20-year-old singing sensation from Ipoh, stole the show with her commanding voice, captivating stage presence, and poised demeanour. Her mesmerising rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine” left both the audience and judges spellbound. As a well-deserved winner, Alyssa Chow walked away with RM1,200 worth of cash and prizes. Additionally, she secured for herself a One Year KBOX Sing Pass valued at an impressive RM4,320, granting her exclusive and complimentary access to KBOX Karaoke, Ipoh Parade.

A standout performer among the contestants was the remarkable 71-year-old Fong Hon Kuan, who took on the persona of a clown and poured his heart into a soulful performance that depicted the poignant life of a clown. Fong’s lively and emotive performance thoroughly impressed the audience and judges, leading him to secure the second runner-up position at the competition.

While Kimberly Ng, a young prodigy at the tender age of 10, exhibited a level of talent and stage presence that surpassed her years. Dressed as a Chinese Opera singer, Kim’s gestures and facial expressiveness exuded the poise and demeanour of a seasoned adult Opera actor. Her exceptional performance earned her the well-deserved title of First Runner-up in the competition.

In recognition of their outstanding performances, both Kimberly and Fong received cash and prizes worth RM800 and RM500, respectively. Additionally, they were rewarded with exclusive KBOX Sing Passes, granting them complimentary access to KBOX Karaoke for a period of 6 months and 3 months, respectively.

The Timeless Tunes Karaoke Competition celebrated the beauty of music from the past and provided a platform for aspiring artists to showcase their talents. The event was made possible through the support and dedication of Ipoh Parade’s tenants and the enthusiastic participants who brought life to the stage. The valued sponsors include KBOX Karaoke, Ebony Guitar Music, Secret Nail Colour, Ogawa, MOG, No Deal, D’Natural, llao llao.

Ipoh Parade’s Advertising and Promotions Department Manager, Lim Huey Tyng, expressed heartfelt appreciation to all the participants, sponsors, and the audience for making the event a resounding success. The event marked a memorable celebration of music, talent, and passion, leaving a lasting impact on everyone present.

Below are the results of the competition:

Title Winner’s Name, Age Song Performed
Champion Alyssa Chow, 20 Imagine by John Lennon (Teresa Carpio version) from 1971
1st Runner-up Kimberly Ng, 10 《说唱脸谱》(Shuo Chang Lian Pu – Rap of the painted face) from 1993
2nd Runner-up Fong Hon Kuan, 71 《小丑》(Xiao Chou – The clown) from 1991
Consolation Yickie Yeun Yi Qie, 11 《明天会更好》(Ming Tian Hui Geng Hao – Tomorrow will be better) from 1985
Consolation Lim Sow Keng, 60 《命运》(Ming Yun – Destiny) from 1981
Consolation Chun Ming Xuan, 16 It’s all coming back to me by Celine Dion from 1996
Consolation Jamie Lai Miew Yee, 47 《我曾用心爱着你》(Wo Ceng Yong Xin Ai Zhe Ni – I have loved you so) from 1989
Consolation Kelly Khor Hong Eng, 57 《曼珠沙华》(Man Zhu Sha Hua – Flowers of Paradise) from 1985

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