Bazaar Junior Perak 2023 (Giving Back Day)

by KT Leong

JCI Kinta, in collaboration with Lions Club of Ipoh Midtown and Garden Seeds Enrichment Studio, organised a day of fun, learning, and giving back at Kompleks Budi Mulia Nurul Huda. The event brought together children, volunteers, and partners to create a memorable day of empowerment and compassion.

This event marked the culmination of Bazaar Junior Perak and underlined its commitment to building a better future through community engagement and meaningful initiatives. As covered by Ipoh Echo, Bazaar Junior Perak was an event where children were taught the value of financial education by having them set up stalls, which they ran themselves. Part of the earnings would be donated to the community in this Giving Back Day.

A total of 50 enthusiastic children participated in the event, making it a vibrant gathering filled with joy and laughter. The day commenced with an outpouring of generosity as the kids of Bazaar Junior Perak and JCI Kinta donated essential items, including pampers, milk, oil, noodles, cooking ingredients, vitamin C tablets, soap bars, sanitary pads, shower gel, and dishwashers. These donations aimed to alleviate immediate needs and ensure a healthier and more comfortable life for the children.

The event was not only about giving material support but also nurturing bonds and friendships. The children engaged in interactive friendship bonding games, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity among them. This playful atmosphere extended to a tree planting activity, where the children were educated about sustainable living practices. JCI Kinta donated five rambutan trees, five mango trees, and soil; while imparting valuable lessons about environmental stewardship and the importance of nurturing nature. This hands-on activity aimed to equip the children with practical skills and knowledge that can contribute to their self-sufficiency and personal growth.

The initiative was also an opportunity to provide insights into the backgrounds of the children. Through engaging activities and contributions from the children, JCI Kinta and partners, a valuable exchange of experiences and perspectives took place, enriching everyone involved.

More than a one-time event, this was aimed to provide lasting values in the young participants. By educating them on the importance of compassion and empathy, the event served as a stepping stone for the children to understand the significance of helping the less fortunate as they embark on their own journeys and explore ways to earn a livelihood. JCI Kinta remains dedicated to empowering individuals and fostering a culture of giving that can be passed on through generations.

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