ASEAN Dengue Day in Perak 2023: Promoting Dengue Awareness

By Rosli Mansor

Kampar: Various efforts by the Ministry of Health to foster public awareness about the dangers of the dengue epidemic are being consistently put into practice.

Yesterday, in conjunction with the ASEAN Dengue Day celebration at the state level in Perak and the ANMS District-Level Tour in Kampar 2023, a program was conducted at the Youth Complex, Kampar.

The event garnered participation from various segments of the society.

The theme of the ASEAN Dengue Day celebration in Perak 2023 was “Towards Zero Dengue Deaths.” The event was officiated by YB Sivanesan, Chairman of the Human Resources, Health, and Indian Community Affairs Committee.

Numerous activities were organized, including a fun run, forum, health screenings, fitness assessments, e-waste collection, recycling initiatives, contests, and more.

According to YB Sivanesan, through this program, the community is made aware of the importance of maintaining a clean environment to ensure a better quality of life.

“Let’s take 10 minutes every weekend to eradicate breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes.

“With a clean environment, our quality of life will undoubtedly improve, and the community can lead a healthy life free from various diseases.

“Embrace a healthy lifestyle for our collective well-being,” he urged.

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