Still stubborn, business premises will be charged a compound if they refuse to fly the Jalur Gemilang – Mayor

By Aida Aziz

Ipoh– To promote patriotism and national unity, businesses in the city are now required to display the Malaysian national flag, known as Jalur Gemilang, during the independence month.

However, those establishments that defy this directive will be slapped with a fine amounting to RM250.

Mayor of Ipoh, Datuk Rumaizi Baharin, stated that this measure is being enforced under Section 107(2) of the Local Government Act, as it breaches the licensing conditions outlined for every business premise.

Although he underscored the city council’s policy of tolerance and advisory over punitive measures, Rumaizi emphasized the importance of adherence to the national flag display requirement.

“We have consistently advised all licensed business premises to proudly display the Jalur Gemilang, especially during the National Day celebrations. By now, they should have already raised the flag.

“If businesses continue to be obstinate, we will resort to imposing fines. Nevertheless, we prioritize a cooperative approach and will extend guidance before any punitive actions are taken,” Rumaizi said.

Rumaizi highlighted that, based on experience, a majority of business owners (95 per cent) have willingly complied with the directive to display the national flag as part of the National Day festivities.

He made these remarks during a press conference following the conclusion of the Jalur Gemilang Hoisting Program organized by the Ipoh City Council. The event took place on the council’s premises on Monday.

Additionally, Rumaizi revealed that the council had issued 4,000 notices for the installation of Jalur Gemilang to government and private establishments.

Moreover, approximately 7,000 national flags have been erected throughout various parts of the city.

Earlier in the day, Rumaizi, along with council members and citizens, gathered to commemorate the National Day celebrations.


The culmination of the event featured Rumaizi himself hoisting the national flag on an official council vehicle.

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